How much do your services cost?
Our work is done on a project or hourly basis. When our client’s needs are well-defined, we quote a fee or fee range for the entire project. When the requirements are less well-defined, we work for an hourly rate.

As CPAs, our professional standards define two types of business valuation engagements—a calculation engagement and a valuation engagement. A calculation engagement is smaller in scope and may be more appropriate in some circumstances. A valuation engagement is greater in scope and sometimes more appropriate when more money is involved and results are more likely to be scrutinized and challenged.

The typical fee for a business valuation for a calculation engagement runs between $2,500 and $4,500. The typical fee for a business valuation for a valuation engagement runs between $6,500 and $8,500. Quoted fees vary based on complexity, difficulty, travel requirements, number of businesses valued, etc.

Our hourly rate is $175 per hour for the Managing CPA, Paul Wonch. The rate for a CPA Analyst is $125 per hour. A non-CPA staff technician is $75 per hour.

How long does it typically take to complete a business valuation?
It typically takes 30 to 60 days from the receipt of all documents and information requested to the delivery of a draft report. Time frames can vary depending on circumstances.

What information do you need from a business valuation client?
We have an initial document request list that includes a request for historical financial statements, tax returns, organizing documents, etc. Once the initial documents are gathered and analyzed, we typically visit the business and interview the owner and the key financial person, asking pre-formulated questions from a questionnaire and questions tailored to the specifics of the business.

Will you do projects outside of Indiana?
Yes. Paul Wonch has traveled all over the U.S. to do business valuations. Most of those done outside of Indiana have been for car dealerships.

Can you provide any testimonials for your work?
Yes. While the typical engagement requires the confidentiality to not disclose the names of clients, below are some unsolicited, direct quotes from satisfied clients.

From a nationally recognized attorney for a car dealer:
“We had a very successful outcome at the mediation, and we were able to resolve the matter thankfully in large part due to the work that you did. We were able to get the other side off the mark pretty quickly on their appraisal…Your work was obviously pivotal in this matter…given the strength of your report.”

From a Chicago business owner:
“I got to review the final report this evening and, outstanding. I just thank you again. I think that final edit you did was marvelous for clarity and it is perfect in terms of driving the points home…Also, I just want to compliment you on how great you were to work with…You made it simple and you made it easy.”

From a happy vehicle dealership owner:
“My Board and CPA thought the numbers were crazy (overly optimistic) initially. They were amazed when your numbers lined up so close to the actual result of the final deal.”